Our Story

The world is a big place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see it all.

Our Promise

Our engineers and design team is committed to ensuring that every product with the Starscope name is built to our precise specifications and performs to the highest precision. We use only premium materials, and only produce products that we would use ourselves. We want our monocular telescopes and binoculars to be an essential part of your every-day world, something you use and enjoy no matter where you are. Simply put, we want to show you the world in crystal clear focus.

With Starscope, you can always have a stunning view, no matter how far away you need to see. 

We believe that precision monocular telescopes and binoculars don’t have to be expensive, and are dedicated to a manufacturing process that puts high-quality optical instruments into your pocket easy and affordably. 

We design Starscope products to be lightweight and portable, so that it’s easy to always have one with you. We want everyone to experience their lives to the fullest, no matter where they go.